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A Day in the Life of Recovery

Momentum for Mental Health

Working with Momentum for Mental Health and CEO, David Mineta, PRxDigital created a compelling project titled A Day in the Life of Recovery to frame recovery in a positive, hopeful, and inspirational light. The Day in the Life project proved to be a brilliant way to demonstrate to our community that recovery is possible, it is happening, and the results are having a positive impact.


Mineta approached PRxDigital with the idea of telling the stories of people with mental health issues who are in recovery. From that original conversation, PRxDigital developed it to encompass an

  • exhibit featuring mental health champions,

  • video that captures their stories,

  • traditional media coverage

  • social media to promote it, and

  • an event that kicked it off the exhibit.

The exhibit is being shown throughout the South Bay area through 2017.



At the center of this project is the exhibit that shows the mental health champions who are in recovery. The aim was to help reduce the societal stigma around mental health issues and treatment and contribute to a much-needed conversation about mental health.


PRxDigital staff worked AP photographers whose images captured the stories of these mental health champions. We were able to retain the services of retired San Jose Mercury News reporter Joe Rodriguez to write the copy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.04.21

Media Coverage

PRxDigital developed a media relations plan to gain coverage on the project from key media outlets. As part of the plan, we wrote and distributed a news release. PRxDigital staff created a pitch for reporters and followed up with them to gain articles in the San Jose Mercury News and Silicon Valley Business Journal.


Social Media Outreach

First, PRxDigital developed a content calendar. Using the images from the exhibit, we created content featuring the individuals who participated in the exhibit and published it to select social media channels.



The video, Champions Presentation, was created of the mental health champions as another means of telling their story. The video was featured at the event and continues to be shared by Momentum. In addition, a video of the kickoff event was created to share following the event.


Event Planning

To commemorate this groundbreaking exhibit, PRxDigital organized a premiere on November 15th at the Santa Clara County Building. A Day in the Life of Recovery premiere was well attended by the mental health champions, their friends and family, and prominent members of the community.

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