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How will you reach your audience?

Everyone knows how to tailor a message: we’ll often tell the same story in different ways to a colleague, a spouse, or a parent. The same principle applies in crisis communications.

While it is important not to tell different stories to different audiences, it is inevitable that we will want to emphasize particular parts of the story depending on whom we are talking to. For example, a company announcing a big layoff will need to address the affected employees, city officials in the community in which jobs will be lost, and company shareholders, in addition to crafting a message for the media and general public.

Fortunately, today’s array of communications channels lets us target our message to the right audience. In a crisis, use all of the channels at your disposal to get your message out. In addition to the usual media outlets (TV, radio, print), make the most of:

  • Email -- You can easily target employees, shareholders, and customers with messages tailored to address each group’s concerns. Don’t make the mistake of assuming this communication won’t be shared, however -- make sure your messaging is targeted, but consistent.

  • Website -- Your company’s website is an ideal forum to provide information and tell your story during a crisis. Your website will be the first place people look when they want to know more, so make sure to keep it updated with the latest information -- several times a day, if necessary.

  • Phone calls -- Picking up the phone is the easiest way to establish personal connections that can help you through a crisis. Direct contact with government officials, reporters, civic leaders, and customers creates channels that not only build trust but can also help you in disseminating key information.

  • Social media -- Social media is so important in responding to a crisis, it has its own section, below. Suffice it to say that no crisis strategy is complete without a social media plan.

Want to learn more on what to do in a Crisis? Contact PRxDigital if you have questions would like to meet with us to discuss your needs at or 408-287-1700.

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