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Orbis International's Silicon Valley Innovation Fund, kicks off with Sobrato's $1 million donation

We ended 2019 with Susan and John A. Sobrato and Orbis International's Silicon Valley Orbis Innovation Fund, launched by the Sobrato's $1 million donation to fight avoidable blindness.

At the event, John A. Sobrato generously declared a "double match" for any donation made by the end of January. Sal Pizarro covered this in the San Jose Mercury News, which can be read here.

Orbis specialist training is delivered in partnership with local hospitals, public health agencies and governments. It takes place on board their incredible Flying Eye Hospital, through an online mentoring platform, Cybersight, and through their long-term country programs. It is made possible thanks to the generosity of remarkable volunteer ophthalmologists, anesthesiologists, nurses and biomedical engineers who give up their free time every year to train eye teams in communities around the world.

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