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The founders of Qfusion Labs created the Cubit platform because, despite the fact that they are all engineers, still faced challenges when they tried to complete ambitious projects. The founders, Jason Gouw, Marvin Gouw, Tim Mowerer, and Sean Thurston, realized that if they felt intimidated by some of the projects they want to approach, many other Makers must face greater barriers to their dreams. Furthermore, aspiring Makers who are just kids trying to pursue STEM education must have an even greater learning curve.


The founders decided to focus on creating a DIY electronics platform that kids could use, which could also be powerful enough to help them develop their knowledge and skills throughout higher education. They worked successfully with kids as young as 8 years old. However, they quickly realized that those kids were successful because they had help from engineers on their projects. They decided to work harder to make STEM education more accessible for kids who didn't have engineers to help them, as well as make technology easier to understand for the parents and teachers who may feel intimidated by engineering.


The challenge was to create a brand around startup as well as pushing the Cubit platform as a product that empowered kids as young as 10 years old to make projects without help from engineers. Specifically, positioning the product to allow adults without engineering degrees to feel confident helping the kids they care about while being able to assist them with projects that are really innovative, like remote control cars and quad-copters.

Strategies & Tactics:

With the help of PRxDigital, Qfusion Labs' successfully launched its new product Cubit through:

  • Coaching the founders to present their product on the DIY Electronics Platform, Featured at 6 pm Tonight on Live MakerCon Video Stream 

  • reaching out to local (Silicon Valley) schools and independent STEM programs that lack access to the money and tools they need to set up well-equipped labs.

  • Qfusion Lab's founders to volunteering to teach students, parents, and teachers how to use the platform in order to make sure that nothing gets in the way of supporting the next generation of Makers, engineers, and inventors.



PRxDigital worked to help Qfusion Labs founders get a coveted spot demonstrating the Cubit platform at MakerCon NY 2015 during the conference’s "Evening of Innovation." Cubit, the DIY electronics platform, supports all Makers who want to create using electronics and software, regardless of age or education. It is simple enough for STEM students ages 10 and up, complex enough to support university students with engineering projects, and flexible enough to empower non-engineers to make unique projects and electronic products.


The "Evening of Innovation," which was presented by Sprout by HP, was a product showcase that featured carefully selected startups within the emerging Maker community. The event, streamed live from, featured a 3D printing fashion show, a live DJ performance, wine tasting, and other entertainment.


“Each Qfusion Labs co-founder has had a lifelong passion for creating and inventing,” said Jason Gouw, CEO and co-founder of Qfusion Labs. “We've partnered with PRxDigital because they share that passion with us.”

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