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Stockton Metropolitan Airport

Branding & Video Production


Stockton Metropolitan Airport was in need of a new image. The airport, after a period of decline, was under new leadership committed to increasing the number of passengers on existing flights in and out of the airport and attracting new airline carriers.


The challenge was to create a dynamic, engaging presence online to tell the story of this new airport primarily to existing and potential passengers.  


Strategies & Tactics:

Create a branding campaign that included

  • defining messaging,

  • launching a new website dedicated to the airport,

  • creating content marketing, simple and consistent

    • blogging

    • video

  • cultivating media relations,

  • developing partnerships,

    • a partnership with a local sports team offers the airport an opportunity to promote itself to a larger audience

  • implementing social media strategies to promote the airport

    • sharing local print articles and broadcast segments to social media

    • leveraging other San Joaquin efforts, such as Cafe Coop Greater Silicon Valley, to amplify social media reach


The response from the community has been overwhelming in its support of the airport. As the airport continues to grow under its capable leadership so does the enthusiasm of local residents as well as existing and potential airline carriers serving the airport.


Messaging focuses on what tells the story of the airport in simple, clear terms. Promote Stockton Metropolitan Airport as the Bay Area’s World Class, Low-Cost Airport to  the residents of the Bay Area and surrounding region in addition to San Joaquin County residents.


A new website that was launched in 2014 combined with a strong social media campaign has been instrumental in the airport’s success. Previously, the airport had a webpage on a website for San Joaquin County. The new website, separate from the county, gave the airport a new identity that enabled it to begin telling its story. In particular, a blog on the airport’s website has provided opportunity to highlight significant developments and encourage people to visit it.


The airport’s social media channels, however, offer insight into the enthusiasm that greets announcements from the airport about new developments. The airport’s Twitter following has also grown steadily in the past year as people come to depend it on for a reliable source of information for updates. Stockton airport’s Facebook page has a strong, loyal following of 1,600+ followers that is growing steadily (and organically) in the last year. (This number of followers places it second among regional airports with profiles on Facebook.)


In addition to the blog, the staff at the airport and PRxDigital work with local media to provide information about the progress of the airport, which has resulted in several positive stories. These articles are shared on the website and social media to keep the community informed. The airport also supports the airline that serves it by promoting the airline on its website and social media channels to increase ridership.

Creating an online presence for the airport that engages the community plays an important role in creating a new brand for Stockton Metropolitan Airport.

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