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PRxDigital created the campaign Pure Water. Pure Life., a compelling digital and social media marketing campaign targeting multi-ethnic audiences, to generate discussion and support of advanced purified water. Working in cooperation with Valley Water, PRxDigital developed the two-month campaign to effectively position the campaign messages with impactful creative and a consistent look and feel.


Video Testimonials from 15 Community Leaders in Santa Clara County


Digital and social media plan reaching multi-ethnic audiences in Santa Clara County


264,969 video views on YoutTube - one in four watched entire video


Increase in website traffic by approximately 573 percent 


Valley Water is responsible, in part, for securing, managing and delivering safe and reliable water supply to the region. The potential of advanced purified water as a new, reliable, locally-controlled water source that can augment drinking water supplies is exciting for a region that suffers frequent drought.

Past public opinion surveys conducted by Valley Water revealed overall support for potable reuse using purified water; however, certain groups such as people of color and women with children are less accepting of the concept.


PRxDigital, working in conjunction with Valley Water, developed an digital and social media marketing campaign that effectively positioned the campaign messages with impactful creative and a consistent look and feel.


PRxDigital invited community leaders, a key component of the campaign, to learn about and sample advanced purified water and video-recorded their testimonials attesting to the water’s taste as well as its benefits. PRxDigital arranged interviews with 15 community leaders, recorded the sessions, and produced seven videos, four in English and one in each of the following languages: Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.  The videos were used as pre-roll ads (a video advertisement that automatically plays directly before a featured video) on YouTube and Facebook/Instagram.


The online display ads developed by PRxDigital for the campaign were actually videos that showed alternating images of community leaders who had provided testimonials. These innovative and eye-catching ads encouraged the audience to click on the ads.


In addition, images of the community leaders were created for a series of posts that were shared on Valley Water's social media accounts and by the community leaders themselves.


Next, in order to engage the public on this matter, PRxDigital developed a comprehensive digital and social media marketing strategy that showcased the videos and other creative to effectively reached the target audiences.20



Online Display Ads

Social Media Images


The numbers tell the story. Key performance indicators show that the campaign Pure Water. Pure Life. was successful in engaging the public and raising awareness of advanced purified water. 


The number of people visiting the landing page increased by approximately 573 percent during the first 10 days of the campaign. The number of visitors varied week by week afterward but were well above the usual number of visitors that the website typically received. More than a third of the people visiting during the duration of the campaign was going to the landing page.


The views of the videos were significant in determining the success of the campaign, too. Engagement on YouTube was the most significant with a total of 1,320,834 impressions on YouTube and 264,969 video views. Slightly more than one in four watched a video from start to finish. The Spanish language video outperformed all the other videos, not only in the number of views and clicks but in the length of time it was watched, indicating substantial penetration into the Spanish speaking market.

To learn more about the campaign results and its effectiveness, see the final report Purified Water Campaign Report.

What's Next

​What are the benefits of digital and social media marketing?

  • Consistent look and feel

  • Consistent tone and style

  • Leverages the creative across all media

  • Builds recognition and awareness of the brand and messaging


Digital and social media marketing campaigns deliver a successful means to communicate. Learn how PRxDigital can create a compelling effective marketing campaign for you by emailing results@prxdigital.com or calling 408-287-1700.

The use of advanced purified water is promoted by Valley Water as the wave of the future – a local and reliable water source that is drought-proof and locally controlled.

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